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I Journal Information

II Editorial

III Addressing Diversity and Equality in the Field of Early Childhood Education

IV From Teachers to Learners

V Effects of Learner-Generated Illustrations on Comprehension and Recall of…

VI Making a school magazine and a video blog in English

VII Developing Critical Thinking in the English Language classroom

VIII Enhancing General ELT by Applying ESP – the Language of Marketing

 IX Focus on the Primary Language Teacher A Study within a Greek context

X Ethical Considerations


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  1. ELTA Journal - ELTA (English Language Teachers Association) Serbia | ELTA (English Language Teachers Association) Serbia

    […] is proud to have published the first issue of ELTA Journal. In this first Editorial we would like to present and explain some of the major ideas that have […]

  2. Elena Vdovina
    Elena Vdovina at | | Reply

    Congratulations with your first issue! I also would like to thank you all for the assistence during the preparation of our article on critical thinking in the English language classroom for the publication. My special thanks go to Olivera Catic. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Also Season Greetings from all the 300 teachers of St.Petersburg, members of the SPELTA, your sister-association in Russia!

  3. Tatjana Jancic
    Tatjana Jancic at | | Reply

    I love the article about Marketing! I am simply in love with the world of advertising and I have just finished teaching that section with the final year and I am so sorry I haven’t seen it earlier, the examples and their EGP application are really great! Good job!

  4. Kevin Stein
    Kevin Stein at | | Reply

    Congratulations on a stella first issue. It’s great to see a collection of articles which while grounded in theory, are mostly focused on what happened within a specific classroom. These are the kind of articles that I find most useful (and most interesting to read).

    Thanks for adding an important new voice to our community.

    Kevin Stein

    1. Maja Jerković
      Maja Jerković at | | Reply

      Thank you for all your comments. We tried to focus our attention to practice based on theory and research. We would love to thank our authors and reviewers for making this first issue a success. Thanks to our readers for sharing the issue and helping us reach so many ELT professionals. Enjoy reading!

  5. Solmaz Pourmand
    Solmaz Pourmand at | | Reply

    Congratulations on publication of this new journal.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would like to send you, my article which is about autonomous vocabulary learning .If it is useful for your journal please inform me about the rules and characteristics of the articles in your journal.Thank you

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