Editorial Team


Maja Jerković



Maja is ELTA Journal Editor-in-Chief, a teacher trainer and an English teacher. She received her BA in English and literature and MA in philology from the University of Novi Sad. In 2012, she was awarded the U.S. Government scholarship and successfully finished the course – Critical thinking in the EFL curriculum at the University of Oregon. Maja was involved in several ELT professional development projects, she ran a number of seminars in Serbia and presented at several international conferences. She has written numerous articles and is a co-author of a Primary ELT Teacher Training Manual published by the British Council.  Maja regularly attends webinars, online trainings and courses. She has written a review for several coursebooks accredited by the Ministry of Education in Serbia. Her professional interests are: storytelling, young learners, PBL, gamification and e-learning. She often conducts interviews with linguists, and ELT authors.



Bojana Nikić Vujić


Bojana is MELT/ELTA Journal co-editor, an English teacher and a teacher trainer. She works at the School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy and primary school “Ivo Andric”.  She is interested in critical thinking, technology mediated education, e-learning, SLA, teacher-student interaction and materials development. Bojana received MA in English, Belgrade University.  Bojana was involved in several ELT professional development projects, she ran a number of seminars in Serbia and presented at several international conferences. She is the author of a coursebook for Explore Medical English for secondary schools.  Bojana gives our team technical support.



Vicky Papageorgiou



Vicky is a foreign language teacher (English, Italian, Greek) with approximately 20 years of experience, mainly with adult learners. She holds an MA in Education (Open University of Cyprus) and an MA in Art (Goldsmiths College, UK) and she has just completed her PGCE in Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David for. She studied in Greece, Italy and the UK but also participated in an international project for the McLuhan program in Culture and Technology for the University of Toronto, Canada. Her fields of interest are Technology enhanced learning, Art in ESL, critical thinking, Inquiry Based learning and teaching adults. She is currently based in Thessaloniki (Greece) working as an Adjunct Lecturer at Metropolitan College. As part of the editorial team, she reviews articles, writes editorials, promotes the publications on various internet media, approaches potential authors.


milica_prvulovic (2)

Milica Prvulović



Milica Prvulović is a language instructor at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She has been working there since 2007, teaching a variety of courses some of which include Contemporary English, Applied Linguistics, Teaching Practice, etc.  Currently she is writing her PhD thesis on the influence of ludic activities (games) in ELT. Her other interests are error analysis, teaching grammar, Cognitive Linguistics, etc. As part of the ELTA Newsletter and ELTA Journal editorial team, her responsibilities include promoting these publications, approaching possible authors – mainly students, editing articles, writing editorials and approaching possible reviewers. So far, she has attended and presented at various international conferences and seminars – MGIMO University in Moscow (2015), Burch University in Sarajevo (2014), Faculty of Philology in Belgrade (2012 and 2015) to name just a few.


branka_deckovic (1)

Branka Dečković



Branka Dečković  is an English language teacher and teacher trainer.  She has been teaching for 12 years, mostly teenagers, but has experience in teaching young learners and adults as well. She has graduated from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, and holds a BA in English Language and Literature. Her fields of interest are using authentic materials in teaching, dogme teaching, and alternative assessment. She has been ELTA coordinator for 3 years; she is also a member of ELTA Newsletter editorial team and a member of ELTA board. She has presented at several international conferences.



Zorica Đukić



Zorica Đukić is a foreign language teacher, translator, ELTA Newsletter/MELT co-editor and an external associate at the Institute for the Improvement of Education. She has taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for nearly 30 years, having taught students from 5 to 75 years of age. Currently, she is an English teacher working at the School of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy in Belgrade. Ever since she received the British Council Scholarship “Contemporary British Theatre and Drama Methods in English Teaching“ in London, she has participated in numerous seminars, webinars and conferences as she has always supported the idea of CPD. Her main fields of interest are Drama and Music in ELT, critical thinking, grammar and vocabulary games, IT in ELT, Applied Linguistics.



Milena Tanasijević



Milena Tanasijevic has been involved in ELT for 15 years primarily as a teacher. She has prepared and implemented courses for very young and young learners, teens, exam preparations courses, young professionals, adults, in-company courses. She has also been involved in teacher training in the areas of Business English teaching and teaching with technologies. She has prepared and published research papers in the areas of SLA theories, curriculum development, assessment, teaching with technology, ELF. Her current position is ELT Lecturer at Belgrade Metropolitan University where she prepares, develops and delivers blended and distance General English as well as EAP-ESP courses for students of IT, Management and Design related majors. She has attended and presented at numerous professional and academic conferences. She values the experience of learning and sharing with peers and colleagues.