Editorial Team

Maja Jerković : Young learners &  teacher training

Maja Jerković

Young learners & teacher training


Maja is ELTA Journal Editor-in-Chief, a teacher trainer and an English teacher. Her professional interests are: young learners, teacher training, cognitive linguistics and e-learning. She received her BA in English and literature and MA in linguistics from the University of Novi Sad. On ELTA Journal Team, Maja is in charge of the columns Young and Teenage Learners and Teacher and Trainer Education. She also conducts interviews with linguists, and ELT authors. Maja will usually be the last person to check your article before final submission for publishing.

Olivera Ćatić : Teaching teenagers & ESOL examination

Olivera Ćatić

Teaching teenagers & ESOL examination


Olivera is ELTA Journal co-editor and an English teacher. She has a BA degree in English and literature from Belgrade University and is currently doing the MA in Lifelong Learning at the Aarhus University in Copenhagen. She specializes in teaching teenagers, critical thinking, project work and developing classroom materials. Last year she completed an online course on Critical Thinking organized by the University of Oregon, USA. On our team, Olivera is responsible for reviewing/editing Feature article, and she occasionally writes activities as well as theoretical articles that help us understand our teenage students better. Additionally, she will usually be the one who will give feedback to and communicate with authors after they submit their articles.