ELTA Journal 2015

ELTA Journal • December 2015 • Volume 3, No. 3


I ELTA Journal intro 1

II Editorial 2-3

III ELTA Journal Contents 4

IV Project-based Instruction for Pronunciation Accuracy by CeAnn Myers and Nicholas Velde 5-26

V The relationship between metacognition and Business English learning by Nina Kisin 27-34

VI Multi-functionality of Metaphors in the Eco-Moral Discourse of the British Press by Valentina Khrabrova 35 – 46

VII Speed Speaking- A New Activity to Engage More Learners to Talk by Feng Teng and James Wong 47 – 58

VIII The Nightmare of New Lexis How to Improve Retention and Retrieval By Avgi Vafeidou 59-67

IX Organization of Repair Structures in Dyadic Written Exchanges among Facebook Users by Ali Karakas et al 68 – 94

X Of Humans and Animals- Domestic Animal Names for Men and Women in English and Serbian by Gorica Tomić 95- 103

XI Using a Literature- based Approach in the Acquisition of Compounds from Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Bratislav Milošević 104 – 115

XII Ethical considerations


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